Process diagram
The production process developed by QUIMICA DEL ESTRONCIO on an industrial scale is a world pioneer. It consists of a manufacturing system based on double purification. Firstly, by means of hydrochloric acid and secondly, by means of nitric acid. Furthermore, by double carbonation with Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia.
Central control room
The solution obtained in the second stage of purification with Nitric Acid is partially deviated to the Unit of Strontium Nitrate Crystallization, this being one of the characteristics of this process.

On the other hand in the two stages of carbonation by Ammonia two solutions of Ammonium Sulphate and Ammonium Nitrate are obtained. These are pumped into an auxiliary installation to be transformed into products of commercial interest for the fertilisers sector in the shape of crystals and nitrogenised solutions of different concentration.

Our Strontium Carbonate provides an advantageous characteristic different from other similar products made by the "Black Ash" process. The manufacturing process of QUIMICA DEL ESTRONCIO yields a sulphur free product, which places our Company in a preferential position vis-à-vis those applications whereby such an impurity would be detrimental.

Raw mineral

Ground Celestite


1st Carbonation

Strontium Nitrate Solution

Final product cake

Strontium Carbonate Powder

Strontium Carbonate Granules

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