The final product is available in two main forms: Powder and Granules. Packing consists of bags of 28 kg; big bags of 2,000 kg and bulk trucks.
The main applications are:
TV glass and screen monitors (CRTs). Strontium Carbonate forms an absorption barrier of the X-rays that are emitted, adding manageability to the melted mixture of the glass for TV and personal computers. Furthermore, it improves the properties of the glass for liquid crystal screens (LCD).
Ceramics & Sanitary ceramic: Strontium Carbonate is used in glazing and enamelling of ceramics for china, reinforcing its resistance to abrasion and scratching and avoiding the formation of bubbles in the baking process of the frits. Furthermore, adding higher gloss and imparting, in some cases, better behaviour than lead without the toxicity risk.
Pyrotechnics: Strontium Carbonate is used in pyrotechnics (fireworks), flares and tracers, for civilian and military end-use as a result of the bright red colour produced by its combustion.
Zinc electrolysis: Strontium Carbonate is used in the production of high purity zinc (SHG zinc) as it eliminates the impurities of cathode lead due to its affinity to lead, forming a double salt that precipitates from the electrolyte and can be removed.
Permanent magnets (hard ferrites): Strontium Carbonate is used for the production of ferrites, improving coercive power, and a degree of safety and efficiency in magnets used in electric motors in cars, speakers, etc.
Pigments and paints: Strontium Carbonate is also used in the manufacture of Strontium Chromate, which is used as a corrosion inhibitor in primers. Because of its high thermal resistance it is suitable for application in aircraft finishes.
Glass industry. Strontium Carbonate is used in numerous applications of glass for usage in optics, crystal ware, lighting, glass fibre, laboratory and pharmaceutical glass, etc. Improving properties such as increase in toughness and scratch resistance, gloss increase ease of polishing, etc.
Chemical Industry and Pharmaceuticals: Strontium Carbonate is used to eliminate sulphates in the treatment of residual waters, production of orthophosphoric acid for fluorescent lamps and cathodic rays tubes obtaining synthesis products, etc.
There are also other minor applications, such as titanate production, strontium stannate and zirconate for use in electronics, computer memories, telecommunications and automotive industry.

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