Qrs is the only European manufacturer of strontium nitrate
Química del Estroncio is the only strontium nitrate manufacturer in Europe, of exceptional quality.

Our unique and proprietary process, yields one of the best qualities available in the strontium market.

Main applications

Glass Industry:

The Strontium Nitrate is mainly used in the manufacture of glass substrate for display glass (LCD) as well as to produce special optical glass.


The Strontium Nitrate is widely used in pyrotechnics providing the bright red color in different pyrotechnic products such as emergency flares, tracer ammunition and fireworks.

Main applications are aimed at the automotive and maritime sectors being used to manufacture red colored flares and other emergency signaling devices and as precursor in airbags.

Pigments and paintings: The strontium nitrate is also used in the production of Strontium Chromate, utilized as a corrosion inhibitor in coating paintings.

Chemical industry: The strontium nitrate is used as raw material for the production of Strontium Chloride in the chemical industry for the production of specialty chemicals.


  • High flowability, no caking.
  • Potential to adapt crystal size distribution to meet customer’s needs.
  • 4 different grades:

NC: Standard crystal

NCS: High-flowability

NC-LP: Large particle crystal

HP: High purity crystal