Química del estroncio S.A.

Fertiberia Group


QUÍMICA DEL ESTRONCIO is a Spain-based high-tech company, 100% of Fertiberia Group capital,  located in the Escombreras Valley (Cartagena), whose main activity is the production of strontium salts used in multiple applications worldwide in the ceramic, glass, pigment, pyrotechnics, zinc, electronics and others.

In the year 2000, the Company began operations from its factory, as the culmination of an important industrial project, developed with its own technology, from the Celestina mineral (strontium sulfate) to obtain high quality strontium carbonate and nitrate, being the first and the only European factory to produce this strontium nitrate salt.

Membership of the Fertiberia Group, European leader in the production of fertilizers and industrial products in South Europe with a presence in more than 50 countries, has driven the launch in Química del Estroncio of new business lines of fertilizers with a high added value.


The facilities of QUÍMCA DEL ESTRONCIO are located in a strategic area: the Escombreras Valley in Cartagena (Spain), an industrial estate very close to the Commercial Port of the city, from where different products can be shipped to the main consumer markets around the world and the supply to Spanish and other European consumers through a consolidated network of expressways and motorways.