For the specific analytical control at every stage involved in the running of the plant, QUÍMICA DEL ESTRONCIO has at its disposal a complete physical and chemical Laboratory. It is equipped with the necessary technical means, using at the same time standardized methods of analysis and/or conforming to Official Regulations in order to meet our customers’ specifications.

In this way, all the products manufactured by QUÍMICA DEL ESTRONCIO, S.A. rely on the guarantee of Methods of Assurance and Quality Control that are applicable.


Química del Estroncio, operates the industrial assets according to the best standards in industry.

Quality as deep knowledge and the assumption of the needs and expectations of interested parties (external and internal customers, workers and society as a whole) involving policies, resources and procedures aimed at ensuring integrated quality as a basic principle of the company, meeting and even exceeding the expectations of customers, committed to satisfy both the requirements established by them, and the internal requirements of the quality management system.

QSr has established and developed an integrated quality and environmental management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard that aims to continuously improve our processes and services, and therefore the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Our commitment to this objective is contained in our integrated QHSE policy. (link)

Being pioneers in I+D activities for more than 20 years, Química del Estroncio participates in the EU Framework Programme H2020 for Research and Innovation, a flagship initiative at securing Europe’s global competitiveness.