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Best-in-class, proprietary innovative process in the world based on a double purification and carbonation using carbon dioxide and ammonia

Main applications

Permanent magnets (hard ferrites)

The Strontium Carbonate is widely used for the production of ferrites, improving the coercive force and the degree of security and effectiveness in magnets used in electric motors of automobiles, speakers, retention magnet systems, etc.

Glass Industry: The Strontium Carbonate is mainly used in the manufacture of glass substrate for display glass (LCD) as well as in many other applications of glass, e.g. used in optics, glassware, illumination, fiber glass, laboratory and pharmaceutical glass, etc. improving such properties as hardness and scratch resistance, imparting a greater brilliance to the picture, easiness of polishing, etc.  .

Ceramics frits and enamels: The strontium carbonate is used in the glazing and enameling of the ceramic for crockery, reinforcing its resistance to abrasion and rifling, and avoiding the formation of bubbles in the process of cooking of the fried cake. Also it gives a brighter shine and shows, in some cases, better performance than the lead, without toxicity risk.

Zinc Electrolysis:The Strontium Carbonate is used to obtain high purity zinc (SHG zinc), since it eliminates the lead impurities from the cathode, due to its affinity with this, forming a double salt that precipitates.

Pigments and paintings: The strontium carbonate is also used in the production of Strontium Chromate, utilized as a corrosion inhibitor in coating paintings.

Pyrotechnics: The strontium carbonate is used in pyrotechnics providing the bright red color in different pyrotechnic products such as emergency flares, tracer ammunition and fireworks.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: The strontium carbonate is used to eliminate sulphates in the treatment of industrial wastes.


Free of Sulphur and very low levels of iron and sodium

Our flexible process allows customized products to satisfy different customer’s request

3 different grades:


Widely used in the ceramics industry, in the manufacture of magnetic ferrites and in zinc electrolysis.


Mainly used in pigment industry


Mainly used in the manufacture of glass substrate for display glass (LCD